Friday, 31 May 2013

Celebrating the Small Things - 31 May

Once again I am taking part in Vik Lit's Celebrating the small things bloghop ... So what am I celebrating this week?

Recently I have been concentrating my efforts on my new Career Development Blog and I have not been writing on this blog too much. However, the upside is that it is because I have been productive both at home and in my writing.

I have managed to maintain a regular writing routine each morning with my cup of coffee (usually starbucks) and I sort out my to-do list and write a few draft pages.

When I started I was concerned about the cost (and addiction) of the coffees (and I still am). but somehow I have developed a rather enjoyable and relaxing routine before work that sets me up for the day. So the main reason I am celebrating this week is finally establishing a productive writing routine.

On a more personal level I am also celebrating:

- new lighting in the flat (Yay, I can see to write)
- first dinner in the garden this year (and hopefully more to come as the weather picks up)
- enjoyable catch up with colleagues
- snickers bar ice creams :) yum

Have a great weekend everyone (enjoy the weather)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Celebrating the Small Things - 24 May

Once again I am taking part in Vik Lit's celebrating the small things... So what am I celebrating this week. After a rather slow week last week this one has been a rather manic one. I am feeling much better so my productivity has shot up to compensate for last week.

1. generally feeling better and having a more productive week;

2. giving the house a full spring clean including windows and walls;

3. finishing my gardening journal designs and looking forward to starting my garden;

4. babysitting the dog and having my other half's parents visiting this coming weekend; and

5. my other half enjoying and using my anniversary gift (awesome!). 

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everyone!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Celebrating the Small Things - 18 May

It has been a tough writing week. I have been feeling lousy all week as I have a cold. I have just about made it through my normal workday of 8.30 - 5.30pm but adding in my extra writing hours before and after work just seemed impossible. I was drained.

Additionally I have favoured hand-writing draft blog posts in a notebook while sitting comfortably with a warm drink and avoiding my desk where possible.

I have been feeling like this week has been a bit of a write off, but luckily there are still some non-writing things to celebrate (as part of Vik Lit's Celebrating the Small Things Bloghop).

1. You may have noticed from previous celebrate posts I have been rewatching the complete battlestar galactica series in my downtime. This week (due to illness) I seemed to speed through the final season in a matter of days. I couldn't remember the final season at all so it was great to rewatch. However there was a certain hole that it left and so I jumped straight onto the next boxset on my list. Next on my list is Smallville. I have previously seen seasons 1-7  but not seen 8, 9 or 10. So I started rewatching Season 7 to ease me back into it this week.

2. I am looking forward to spending time wuth my other half this weekend. It is our second anniversary tomorrow so I am really looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend, Happy Celebrating!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Celebrating the Small Things - 10 May

Just realised it has been a week since I wrote on my blog - it has been a busy one. Once again I am taking part in Vik Lit's celebrating the small things... So what am I celebrating this week...

  1. A new Filofax (AWESOME).
  2. night in with G&T and some fish and chips. 
  3. watched another season of battlestar galactica (one to go)
  4. introducing my other half to my love of notebooks (he is now carrying around a moleskine in his pocket).
  5. 1 day (yes one whole day) of sunshine. 
Hope you all have a nice weekend (I am waiting for my fish and chips) :)

Friday, 3 May 2013

Celebrating the Small Things - 3 May

Once again I am taking part in Vik Lit's celebrating the small things...
  1. Sunshine :)
  2. a beautiful potted plant from my housemate
  3. a trip up north for an old friend's birthday
  4. a successful networking event
  5. another bank holiday weekend
Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone. 

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

IWSG - May

This month I am joining in once again with Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group. At the beginning of April I was hoping to make a lot of progress with my personal writing projects (both fiction and non-fiction).

However, last month the A to Z Challenge kind of took over and while I successfully completed the Challenge I was disappointed with the amount of writing I did. I maybe only spent 3 hours a week on writing and even then it wasn't my best content.

and to make matters worse... my Starbucks habit has returned.

I have mentioned before my issues with food (needing to eat to focus and write). My other half started on his healthly eating / diet which has motivated me to cut back on the junk food myself as I do not want to be a bad influence.

However, the result has been more frequent trips to Starbucks. Some couch time with a coffee and my writing several times a week. So have I really made progress? Honestly I am just happy I am writing (and perhaps more importantly I am enjoying my writing time). But it is not a habit I can afford to keep up. Ideally I would like to completely cut it out, but at the moment I am down to three days a week instead of daily.

Maybe by next month I will have managed to completely cut it out altogether...

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