Friday, 29 March 2013

Celebrating the Small Things - 29 March

Once again I am taking part in Vik Lit's celebrating the small things...

This week I am celebrating...

1. The 4-day weekend.

2. Getting my Car back on the road even if it is only temporary.

3. Actually managing to build my own computer (with some man assistance). Now just installing everything but hopefully I will be able to use is soon.

4. Finishing my last week in my current placement and actually getting things completed.

5. Getting ready for the A-to-Z challenge. 


  1. Yes, that newly-built computer needs a workout--Celebrate your writings; and forget the cleaning chores (for a little while, anyway).

  2. four day weekend is DEFINITELY worth celebrating!

  3. Yay for the 4-day weekend!!! Enjoy ;)

  4. Yay for the A-Z challenge. I am getting so excited about it. And yay for your car. A year or so ago I had so many problems with mine, but it's doing well now *touch wood*. I hope yours is a happy motor too :)

  5. A 4-day weekend is ALWAYS welcome!
    Yay to being on the go... even if it's temporary...
    See you during the A to Z!

  6. Building your own computer? Awesome! Glad you enjoyed your week.

  7. Really hands on this week! May it all end in great success... including the A-Z.