Thursday, 4 April 2013

D is for... De-Stress (and Doodle)

Through out the Career Development Workbook are De-Stress (and Doodle) Pages, aimed at getting you relaxed, tuned into your creativity and used to the idea of actually using the book as a workbook - writing in it, drawing in it and following its instruction and guidance.

I am not going to include an "extract" of the doodle pages, instead I wanted to open a discussion regarding annotation and doodling in books.

Do you or don't you?
In regular fiction (or non-fiction) books - do you doodle, annotate, highlight, stick post-it notes or whatever else into you book?

Personally I use colouring pencils rather than highlighters and do a lot less annotations than I used to (as a student I probably had the most annotated books imaginable) but this is still something I will do. However, there are times I do prefer to keep a book in "good condition" and will use a notebook along side.

The workbook combines these. I can write and doodle keeping everything in one place (maybe supplementing it with a diary) and it is a much more useful book.

If you are the sort that like to keep their books in pristine condition (or simply don't write in them) - would you?



  1. I love to doodle, but not in books! If this is a duplicate, sorry. My dumb computer does stuff without my permission. Like I'm writing in the comment window and all of a sudden it's gone. What's with that??? LOL.

  2. Happens to us all - the computer takes on a mind of its own. :)

  3. I never write in books - I didn't even highlight when I was in school. It just felt sacrilegious or something. Even with workbooks I usually use another piece of paper.

  4. love to doodle! and colorful pens for notes made looking at them later more encouraging! eyes drawn to the words.

    it's fun to put your mark on stuff. "I was here!"

    happy d day!

  5. Oh no! Can't write in a book, far too sacrilegious...

    I love notebooks though, and can't resist buying them.