Thursday, 18 April 2013

P is for... Presentations

Does your employer do internal training sessions or regular updates as part of their training programme? If so, why not volunteer to give a presentation to your colleagues on a relevant topic? Quite frequently trainers are looking for internal presenters to plug the gaps between the external / headline speakers. 

Do this well and you will:

  • Make HR/your Boss/ the Organiser forever grateful
  • Draw yourself to the attention of those higher up the food-chain
  • Work on/improve on your presentation skills
  • Gain confidence 
  • Get your name out there… in the wind and possibly in print
  • Get the opportunity to talk with colleagues you don’t necessarily get to talk to your day-to-day job

Personally I hate giving presentations, but if you are well prepared and have researched your topic you will have no problem. 

Presentation Checklist:

  1. Approach your Boss or Event Organiser - Approach them with a few topics in mind. They might have suggestions but if you are pro-active you might get to talk about something you actually know about (or want an excuse to research further). 
  2. Research, draw up an outline and prepare your draft presentation – this is where the hard stuff starts – know what you are doing.
  3. Set / Confirm the date – this enables you to plan ahead. 
  4. Prepare Slides and/or handout – it is nice to have something prepared to prove that you are not just winging it – but don’t fall into the trap of being boring.
  5. Know the Procedure – if you are showing slides or preparing a handout check what the procedure / technology requirements are in advance: 
    a.       Does your presentation need to be in a particular format?

    b.      Does it need to be approved in advance?

    c.       Does it need to be sent to I.T in advance?

    d.      How are you showing the slides?

    e.      Do you have to prepare the copies of the Handouts? Or Do you send to someone else in advance to prepare?

    f.        Are they to be merged with other handouts/put in a pack?
  6.  Practice and test your presentation
  7.  Be Prepared and have fun. 

This is an extract from Putting Pen to Paper's upcoming Career Development Workbook.


  1. Hello! Presentations make me think of school (I don't have to do them at work). I never liked getting up in front of the class! I'd always volunteer to go first to get it done and over with. It was a huge relief to be done and then I could just watch everyone else's and not worry anymore. I'm glad the days of presentations are over!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

    1. It would be lovely to never have to do presentations again. But yes at school I was very much in the "getting it over and done with before I throw up" category. :)

  2. As an ex- teacher I suppose I presented to my 11-12year olds every day but when it comes to doing a presentation for adults its a different kettle of fish! However, I am doing a presentation/ workshop for a local writers group next Wed and I might just use some of your handy hints. Nancy at Welcome to she said, he said

    1. Sounds like a great opportunity. :)

      Thanks for dropping by.