Monday, 22 April 2013

S is for... Skills Analysis

 Take some time to analyse your skills while reviewing job applications:

1. Review your Skills

Skills come into two categories:
  • Skills I have; and
  • Skills to Improve.
When reviewing your skills try and split them into these two categories. What skills do you already have? Try and write these down in the "Skills I have List". Consider separately the skills you want to improve on or think you need for your ideal job. Write these down on the "Skills to Improve" list.

2. Analyse Job Descriptions

Next consider whether the skills to improve are the same skills you need for the jobs you are applying for.

When reviewing the "requirements" on job descriptions split them into the same two categories.  Only this time evidence the skills you do have and note which skills you need but do not have.

I review not only the jobs I am applying for but similar jobs. For example even if a job is a little outside of my commute and I won't be applying for it I still consider the skill requirements as they might benefit a job I later do apply for.

3. Improve your Skills

Consider HOW you are going to improve or obtain these skills and whether you have the means and resources to do so.

It might be as simple as taking on an extra project at work, attending a course or you may just need to push a little further on something you are already doing.

4. Priorise those that are "required" or "important" for the job you are applying for.

Add an action to your to-do list for the HOW you are going to obtain the skills you need to improve. Then actively work through the list of skills to improve.

This is an extract from Putting Pen to Paper's upcoming Career Development Workbook.

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  1. Thanks for the lesson! I think that could very well work!